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A few select shots from Kiwicon 2k7, to convey the flavour (it has one)

Why we dont accept credit cards - would you give yours to this man?
MC Pipes keeps an eye on Metl...
Bogan delivers the day's sermon.
The Kiwicon Hax0r Quiz. Amazingly, no one got beer in their laptop.
Altho Metl did get his laptop owned, ha ha. (Bastard Delphic guy.)
Kiwicon, encouraging law abiding hackers since 2007AD.
Kiwicon's Marketing department beams their mind control messages upon an unsuspecting metropolis.
Al Hazred fittingly models the now famous official Kiwicon 2k7 "Kiwise" tshirt.
230+ people. At a hacker con, in NZ. We were expecting 50.
Hackers loiter with intent, plotting their many and nefarious misdeeds.
The SoSD VIP party brought out the shadowy underground
The 8am Sunday rego-desk volunteers. A sight for sore eyes?
MC LongPipes, Bogan and Metlstorm wrap up the con with a non-alcoholic shandy.
Closing night drinks at Kitty's, Kiwicon and Insomnia tshirts modelled.
The Kiwicon Crue throw up the horns for a successful con.
Ladies, not all hackers look like the brothers fosm. Some are male models, like Declan.
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Kiwicon 2k7 generated quite a bit of media interest in the mainstream and industry media:

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