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The schedule for Kiwicon 2k8 (also available in Google Calendar [RSS] [ICAL])

Day Zero: Friday 26 Sept
05:00 PM Early ticket & t-shirt sales at the Venue
05:15 PM
05:30 PM
05:45 PM
06:00 PM Closedown
08:00 PM The Sons of Southern Darkness (and Women's Auxiliary) Host the Kiwicon Speakers & VIP EPIC Pre-Party @ The Secret Underground Lair
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Day One: Saturday 27 Sept Day Two: Sunday 28 Sept
07:00 AM Coffee / Venue Setup / Organisers Sob Into Coffee Remember, it's daylight savings, so get up an hour earlier!
07:15 AM
07:30 AM Ticket & t-shirt Sales
07:45 AM
08:00 AM Ticket Sales & Kiwicon Presents... ZOMG Hacker Breakfast!!!11!eleventyone.
08:15 AM
08:30 AM
08:45 AM
09:00 AM Metlstorm Welcomes the Combined Badasses Roberto Suggi Liverani: Black SEO Exposed
09:15 AM Keynote:
Cartel: You've Got Nothing: Freedom, Privacy and Hacktivism in the Age of Confusion
09:30 AM
09:45 AM Jacob Winther: Mobile Phone Network Security
10:00 AM Oddy & Eon: Straight To Video: Bugging The Boardroom
10:15 AM
10:30 AM Karl Chaffey: Bluetrax
10:45 AM
11:00 AM Ben Hawkes: Attacking the Vista Heap
11:15 AM Nick von Dadelszen: Tracking NZ Based Malware Distributors
11:30 AM
11:45 AM
12:00 PM Lunch / D-Roc Lockpicking for Beginners Workshop Lunch / Atom Smasher: pgp Keysigning Party!
12:15 PM
12:30 PM
12:45 PM
01:00 PM Peter Gutmann: Why Biometrics is Not a Panacea: A Comedy of Errors in Three Parts Neal Wise: Annoying Controller-Based 802.11 Wireless Solutions
01:15 PM
01:30 PM
01:45 PM Longpipes' Sekret Lightning Talk The Paul Craig Omnibus: The Moth Trojan & Who Got Pwnd?
02:00 PM Narcosis: Storm in a Teacup
02:15 PM
02:30 PM PK (and CS, DS, VD, RS, IW): Mapping Drive-by-Downloads with Client Honeypots
02:45 PM
03:00 PM Snacky Tiem Snacky Tiem
03:15 PM
03:30 PM Philip Whitmore & Sander Reerink: Walking Through Walls Ninja Style - The Art of Non-Destructive Entry Risky.biz Panel Discussion
03:45 PM
04:00 PM VT: Waste Not, Want Not
04:15 PM KRuSHeR: Phree as in Phonecall
04:30 PM Bogan: Race2Zero Roundup
04:45 PM Longpipes: The Art Of War - Blitzkrieg
05:00 PM Brett Moore: Hacking Citrix In 2008
05:15 PM
05:30 PM
05:45 PM Closing Remarks / Game Over
06:00 PM Closedown
07:30 PM Tokemon @ Shooters Mo' Kiwiconz Mo' Beerz Afterparty @ The Malthouse